NeoCharge - Clean Tech Branding

With a new generation of affordable electric vehicles entering the market, one huge problem remains – how can we realize the full potential of our electric vehicles? After a full nights charge with a standard 120V home outlet, an EV vehicle will only charge 30 miles on average. NeoCharge has developed an at-home, affordable and portable fast charging solution that allows the user to gain over 150 miles of range with an overnight charge. 

The extent of my involvement with this project included logo design, presentation design, information booth design, business card design, and flyer design that all fall under a uniform brand identity. 

NeoCharge - Start-Up Investor Pitch Design

In order to secure investors, having an excellent pitch isn’t enough. Tim Design will help you dig into the roots of your brand to deliver a visual brand message as strong as the product you’re selling with professional presentation design. 

Tim Design

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